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Recovering NAS manually

If your NAS uses mdraid (as most all of them do), then you need to connect disks to a Linux PC and type a command to assemble the array. The possible course of action is described below.

  1. Install Linux. It is desirable to use a Linux distribution you are familiar with to not have difficulties at least with Linux itself.
    • It is required that the Linux installation supports the necessary filesystem. If you know what filesystem was used in the array check it out specifically. If the filesystem is not known you should make sure that the installation supports at least ext3/4 and XFS.
    • mdraid driver is required.
    • If some components are missing you should install them additionally as you would normally do in this particular Linux installation. Connect all the disks from the NAS to the PC with Linux.
  2. Enter the command sudo mdadm --assemble --assume-clean --scan.
  3. If Linux was able to assemble the array (you see the data) then just copy the array content.